Terms & Conditions 

QUOTATION: Unless otherwise stated in writing, the quotation will be valid for a period of up to fourteen days from date of issue, after which time acceptance of any order placed is subject to written confirmation. Acceptance of the booking is subject to written confirmation and payment of deposit. Each party is quoted for a minimum of 2 hours and will be charged as such.

DEPOSIT: A deposit of 50% is required to secure a booking. Upon payment you will be deemed to have accepted our terms & conditions. Final balance is due 14 days prior to the event.

BOND: A $100 bond will be charged to the hirer prior to set-up. This will be refunded upon collection and assessment of equipment. Any damages beyond general wear and tear may result in a forfeit of bond.

The hirer agrees to provide a valid credit card at time of booking for bond. If there are any damages to equipment beyond the cost of bond, the hirer agrees to forfeit the cost to provided credit card. Written notification will be issued with notice prior to any additional charges being carried out. This does not include reasonable general wear and tear.

Charges will occur for the following; Misuse, abuse or improper servicing of equipment, Damage, loss or disappearance of the equipment or damage caused by the use or operation of equipment in contravention to any of these terms. Damage to, or, loss of, the equipment from any unknown cause. Any refusal to pay bond prior to full payment being due result in cancellation without refund of deposit. Any refusal within the 14 days non-refundable cancellation period will result in forfeit of 100% of paid amount.

CANCELLATION AND VARIATION OF ORDERS: Any cancellation will result in forfeit of deposit. Any cancellation of a booking less than 2 weeks prior to the event will incur a 100% cancellation fee of the contract price.

WEATHER: Bad weather is out of our control and we will always suggest that the hirer has a wet weather plan. If there is no wet weather alternative and the event cannot take place there will be no refund however Petite Pop-Up Parties can reschedule subject to availability providing that Petite Pop-up Parties are in agreement.

PAYMENT TERMS: All payments are strictly due as specified on Petite Pop-Up Parties Quotation. Failure to meet Petite Pop-Up Parties trading terms, goods will be withheld until such time as the payment is made in full. If full payment is not received after the agreed due date, Petite Pop-Up Parties reserve the right to cancel the booking and withhold the given deposit.

USE OF EQUIPMENT: All equipment supplied for hire is the property of Petite Pop-Up Parties and remains so until returned. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the equipment is returned, in the condition in which it was provided, on time and in working order. Petite Pop-Up Parties makes no representation as to the suitability of the equipment for a particular need or event, and it is the hirers responsibility to make that judgment on its own behalf. If any equipment is misplaced, has extensive damage or is unusable, a forfeit of bond will be in place and additional fees may be charged to cover cost of fixing or replacing.

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: If after commencement of hire by Petite Pop-Up Parties any specific changes are requested, the cost of such changes will be at the hirers cost. Late fees may apply.

MISUSE OF EQUIPMENT: Petite Pop-Up Parties will not be liable for any misuse, or abuse of the equipment by the hirer. The hirer agrees to always use equipment as it is intended and will compensate if any damage is incurred as a result.

LOSSES AND DAMAGES: Petite Pop-Up Parties must be notified immediately of any equipment lost or damaged during the hire period. The hirer will compensate in respect of all such loss. The hirer must pay on demand the following amounts; If the equipment is lost, the hirer must pay the current replacement cost of the equipment. If the equipment is damaged, the hirer must pay for all repairs. If no notice is given of a lost item it shall be deemed as extended hire until such item is returned and hire fees with continue until notice is given or the equipment is found.

FOOD: Petite Pop-Up Parties will not be responsible for any allergic reactions to the supplied confectionary. It is the responsibility of the hirer to be aware of any dietary requirements, and action accordingly. All supplied confectionary will be wrapped and given in party bags and games.  

EXTENDED HIRE: The hirer must have all equipment ready for pick up. A continuing hire fee for all equipment not ready for pick up by Petite Pop-Up Parties will be charged to the hirer, at the standard rate of $100 per additional hour, until the equipment has been returned to Petite Pop-Up Parties. The hirer shall give appropriate notice in writing to Petite Pop-Up Parties if any extension or termination of the hire is requested. No refunds will be issued for the early return of equipment on extended hire.

DELIVERY/PICK UP: Petite Pop-Up Parties will require the event space to be cleared and ready for arrangement as per agreed set-up time. If a delay is incurred at hirers fault which postpones start time, there will be no extended time provided and will be at the hirers cost. A continuing hire fee for all equipment not ready for pick up by Petite Pop-Up Parties will be charged to the hirer, at the standard rate of $100 per additional hour, until the equipment has been returned to Petite Pop-Up Parties. This will include insufficient access upon pick up.

CLEANING: Petite Pop-Up Parties require all equipment to be left in tidy manner upon collection. Leniency will be granted for disposal of single use settings provided by Petite Pop-Up Parties however it is expected that the hirer is mindful of any spillages on equipment and attend to it immediately. Petite Pop-Up Parties must also be notified upon collection.

It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that all equipment are in tidy condition upon collection. Petite Pop-Up Parties will be responsible for washing of all utensils post pick up.

SITE APPROVAL: The hirer will be responsible for giving any local or other authorities any necessary notice of their intention to hire the equipment or to have Petite Pop-Up Parties equipment set-up and shall pay all fees in connection therewith. The hirer shall solely be responsible to ensure that the site is cleared and ready for the set-up of the equipment and that the foundations upon which the equipment is to be set-up are sufficiently firm and otherwise suitable to safely carry the equipment and the load to be put on it without subsidence. In the event that Petite Pop-Up Parties incurs or suffers any loss, costs or damages as a consequence of the hirers failure to carry out its obligations under these terms the hirer will be solely responsible and will compensate for any loss, costs or damages. If the site is deemed not safe by Petite Pop-Up Parties, set-up can be refused which will result in cancellation without any refund.

ACCESS TO SITE: The hirer shall ensure that suitable access to and from the site is adequate to suit the mode of delivery or pick up. This can result in cancellation without refund if site is not accessible. Any delay in set-up will not extend time and will be at hirers expense.

SAFETY: Petite Pop-Up Parties adheres to the law of the relevant Workplace Health and Safety Acts of A.C.T. & N.S.W. The hirer is to ensure adequate safety measures are adopted when necessary. The hirer will make any inspections to ensure that there are no breaches of

safety requirements at the site whether imposed by authority or otherwise; and that all works are performed according to relevant safety codes, standards and manufacturer's specifications; and that there are no alterations or modifications to any equipment made by any person other than Petite Pop-Up Parties.

INSURANCE: The hirer bears all risk in relation to the equipment and its use until the equipment is safely returned. Petite Pop-Up Parties is not responsible for any injuries incurred on or around equipment. Petite Pop-Up Parties will not be responsible for supervision of anyone during hire time and will not be held accountable for anything that may occur from time of arrival to time of completion. Petite Pop-Up Parties does obtain Public Liability and will offer accordingly.

SECURITY: The hirer is responsible for the security of the equipment until such time as it is returned to or collected by Petite Pop-Up Parties. In the event of any equipment being stolen from the site, the hirer shall notify Petite Pop-Up Parties in writing stating the full circumstances of the theft. Until notification is received, the hiring charges will continue. If the item is not returned within 24 hours, the full cost will be subtracted from the bond and additional charges may apply. The hirer will also compensate Petite Pop-Up Parties for any such loss of the equipment at the current replacement cost.